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As reported in the IW County Press, Saturday, Feb 28, 1942


We regret to announce that Capt. Henry LININGTON, TD, has died at his home, Lyndhurst, Wroxall, aged 80. His health has deteriorated lately, but he was able to visit Ventnor almost every day. Last week he attended the Masonic installation and was in the town on Saturday. He was driven home, his car being out of order, and was found dead in bed on Sunday morning. A native of Wroxall, Capt. LININGTON had been associated with its public life for many years, but his interest was more active in Ventnor, where he was particularly well known, mainly through his long former connection with the Volunteer and Territorial movement, his interest in local sport and Freemasonry, and in the Conservative and Unionist cause. He joined the old Volunteers when Major Dudley A HAMBROUGH was commandant, and was quickly promoted sergeant. In 1907 he was asked to accept a commission, but business affairs forbade it. Subsequently he was promoted lieutenant, and soon afterwards captain. On retiring in 1921 after forty years' service he was awarded the Territorial Decoration. He was an excellent rifle shot and was presented with his first prize in 1879 by Mrs HAMBROUGH at Steephill Castle. His health was not considered sufficiently robust for him to go overseas during the last Great War, but he filled an administrative post at the Newport Drill-hall with official approbation. He was the oldest subscribing member of the Yarborough Lodge of Freemasons and had filled many offices. He had been Master of the Lodge, Director of Ceremonies, and Charity Representative on the Provincial Grand Lodge Committee. He was re-elected Chaplain of his mother Lodge five days before his death and had been a provincial officer for many years. Capt. LININGTON was a founder of the Yarborough Royal Arch Chapter and one of the three first principals of the Provincial Chapter, being elected to the position when the Hants and IW Provincial Chapter met at Newport about 10 years ago. His public life had been varied. For six years he was a member of the County Council, beating Mr J E MORRIS, of Wroxall, at his first election. He was elected a member of the Ventnor District Council when Wroxall became amalgamated with Ventnor in 1933 and was chairman of the Housing Committee. He was defeated by the late Mr W H JEFFERIES in 1936 and did not again contest the seat. At Wroxall Capt. LININGTON was chairman of the old School Board and Parish Council and was trustee of the Newchurch Charities. For many years he has filled the position of warden at St John's Church, in which his wife, who died in 1934, also took a deep interest. For some time he was a keen worker for the charitable activities of the British Legion and was a former chairman of the Ventnor branch. A keen and enthusiastic bowler, Capt. LININGTON was one of the founders of the local club and a former president. He was president of the County Bowlers Association in 1933-34. The Captain's death is a profound loss to the Ventnor Conservative and Unionist Club, in which he took a practical interest. He was re-elected president at a meeting a few weeks ago and had been chairman of the committee until last year. Here his advice and building knowledge were of great value, especially when the club acquired its present property. The club's welfare was his deep concern, and its present sound financial position is to a large measure due to his constant fidelity and diligent attention. He was its representative on the IW Conservative and Unionist Association. Capt. LININGTON was for some time foreman for the late Mr Albert SIMS, of Ventnor, and started in business on his own account in 1906. One of his largest contracts was the erection of the extensive buildings of Quarr Abbey, and he has also done much work for the Southern Railway at Island stations. A few years ago Capt. LININGTON, in the company of his brother Ernest from Canada, made an extensive tour of the continent and Middle East. In Egypt he contracted para-typhoid and on arriving home was seriously ill for several weeks. A severe motor accident six years ago further restricted his activities for some time. His remaining brother, Charlie, is 85 years of age, and with him and the family, and particularly with his niece (Mrs WALKER), who has devotedly kept house for him since the death of his wife, the sincerest sympathy will be felt. Capt. LININGTON touched the public and social life of the district at many points, and his agreeable manner, good nature, and kindly personality made him a popular associate with widely differing classes of people. - Publicly and privately his sense of duty and service was exercised with uncommon geniality with a measure of sincere regard and deference for the feelings of others. His death leaves a void in many hearts and circles.

The Funeral

Amid many signs of public sympathy the funeral took place at Wroxall on Thursday. The first part of the service was held in the Parish Church, which was filled to capacity with representatives of the societies with which the deceased officer was associated and numerous sympathising friends. Blinds were drawn at practically every house along the route of the procession and the numerous beautiful floral tributes bore touching tribute to the universal regard in which he was held. The polished elm coffin was covered with the Union Jack and the bearers were four of the deceased's employees, Messrs L and B RUSSELL, G MANSFIELD, and C RIDGES. Freemasons lined the entrance to the Church. The service was conducted by the Rev. L A D WOODLAND, and Mrs A G WATERTON (organist) played appropriate music. The hymns sung were "Abide with me" and "Now the day is over." Psalm 23 was chanted and Capt P F FERGUSSON read the lesson. - The Vicar said life could be so destructive to-day that it was a relief to turn to the lives of men who built and did not destroy. The work of the mason was to build soundly and well, to build up their own lives and those of their fellow men so that they might be temples meet for Almighty God, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner-stone. They remembered their brother above all as a master builder who made full use of his long life. As they approached the Island prior to the war they could hear the bells of Quarr Abbey ringing out across the still waters of the Solent. To those who had been privileged to cross the threshold of that great building it was clear that it was a temple of God and a house of prayer. They remembered that that temple was built by a master mason and would long remain a memorial of Capt LININGTON. Everybody who lived in that part of the Island must have known the Captain. That title was testimony to his strong, striking, and genial personality. Few people had been more genuinely popular in all the undertakings and activities in which they had taken part in that district than the Captain. All would remember him in different ways. The members of that church remembered him as a church-warden of over 30 years' standing, one who in fine or cold weather occupied his pew with a conscientious regularity unknown to many of the younger generation. In the Masonic world he would be greatly missed. He had been told by his fellow Masons that his memory and faculties were unimpaired and that he had still played a full part in every ceremony. The village had lost a leader who had it been a town would undoubtedly have occupied the position of Mayor. Their sympathy went out to his relatives. He was the leader of a great family and was dearly-beloved by every member of it. The Service terminated with the singing of the Masonic Closing Ode. The late Captain's churchwarden's staff was draped with crepe. The internment was in a brick grave beside that of his wife in Wroxall Cemetery. The committal was read by the Rev. A H RUMBALL (priest-in-charge of St Alban's, Ventnor). At the conclusion the Masonic brethren dropped sprigs of acacia into the grave.

The mourners were Mr C E LININGTON (brother), Mrs M A C WALKER (niece), Mr A J A LININGTON (nephew), Mesdames F BEAVIS, F BURDEN, and KIBBLEWHITE, the Misses E and M LININGTON and Mrs JACOBS (nieces), Mr E CARLEY (nephew), Mr J LININGTON, Chale (cousin), Miss LININGTON, Atherfield, Capt. A COOKE, Mrs YOUNG, Mr E LININGTON, Mr B WALKER, Miss J KEEN, Mr S BURDEN, Mrs J LININGTON, Mr A BEAVIS, Mrs and Miss P CARLEY, Mr and Mrs H NEWBERY, and Mr W WALKER. The Masonic brethren attending were Bros. H NELSON PAYNE (Provincial Grand Lodge), L A REED (WM), W HAYDEN LAWLER (secretary), B W RUSSELL, H L WARNE, B BOOTH, D M M RODGER, P W ROUSELL, W R RAEBURN, H HOLDEN, C H NEWITT, W J KNIGHT, G HIBBERD, W G JERMY, W and R NEWNHAM, A DYER, J BARBER, R BARNETT, L BAKER, L J KEEN, H BAXTER, W R FLAVELL, P FACEY, G B WHEELER, E MORGAN, Comdr. R PRESTON, and G K NASH (Yarborough 551), T PETHICK ( Ryde 698), H H TOOGOOD (WM) and R C GOULD (Chine 1884), W E YOUNG (WM), A ORCHARD (secretary), A WHEWAY, and E C HART (Sandown 1869). The County Bowling Association was represented by ? G WEBB (president), Mr W T ?OLLINS, JP (secretary), and Mr S ??LLY (also representing Mr E H DAY, immediate past president). Others represented were Mr L R YOUNG (Ventnor Conservative Club), Lieut.-Col. A E MAYES (British Legion, Ventnor), Messrs T MILLS and S W BAILEY (British Legion, Wroxall), Mr W J BAKER (Messrs FLUX and Sons), Mr R TURNER (Messrs A SHARP and Company, Newport), Messrs H E and J H BLUNDELL (Messrs BRADING and BLUNDELL, Shanklin), Messrs T and G BRADING (Messrs T BRADING and Sons, Ventnor), Mr G H R INGRAM (Messrs INGRAM and Son, Ventnor), Mrs J H DESMOND (Wroxall School), Mr O W BENNETT (Southern Railway), Mr W R EASTWOOD (Messrs W DIBBENS and Sons, Southampton), Messrs W WILFORD (president), A CHILDS (hon. secretary), R RANBY (hon. auditor), J SANDERS, A F SIEBERT, and E W SMITH (Ventnor Bowling Club), Fireman S SCOTT and C W COLEMAN (National Fire Service, Ventnor), Staff Officer J BLOWER (London Fire Service), the Rev. H H CORYTON, Ald. A J SHARPE, JP, Mr W F S WILKINSON, Mr E C COOPER, Mr BRIDGER BLAKE, Mr and Mrs A E WALLIS, Mrs W TYLER, Mrs H WALLIS, Mr F WHITE, Mr and Mrs W T HOLDAWAY, Mr C NIBLETT, Mr S WHATELY, Mrs W JEFFERIES, Mr R JEFFERY, Mr F SMITH, Mrs P LANE, Mr G GUTTERIDGE, Mr and Mrs W SPANNER, Miss FOSTER, Mr G GROVER, Mrs G RUSSELL, Mrs ALLINOR, Mr E COOPER (Shanklin), Mr J W MILLIGAN, Mrs A DOWNER, Mr A E PAYNE, Lieut. and Mrs H J MAWSON, Mrs ORCHARD, Capt. LOCKE, Mrs BARBER, Mr A BURNETT, Mr J WHILLIER, Mrs KEMP, Mr A J GRIFFIN (Newchurch Charities) and Mrs GRIFFIN, Mr F J ROLF, Mrs S W BAILEY, Mrs ASH, Mr W A WRIGHT (sub-postmaster), Mr L BOXALL, Mrs WHATLEY, Mrs PEARN, Miss SCOTCH, Mr J H LININGTON (Newport), Mr F W FOWLER, Miss HOLLIS (representing Mrs HOLLIS), Mrs L A D WOODLAND, Mrs G CHIVERTON, Mr E ORCHARD, Mrs J TENNIEL, Mr G H KING, and Mr A G WATERTON. The choice flowers included tokens from the Vicar, churchwarden, and Church Council; Yarborough Lodge; East Medina Chapter 175; Yarborough Royal Arch Chapter, 551; Ventnor Conservative Club; County Bowling Association; Ventnor Bowling Club; the committee of the Soldiers and Sailors Families Association; and a tribute inscribed "In memory of the best of employers, from his employees." The arrangements were ably carried out by Mr P LANE, who has been in Capt. LININGTON'S employ for 21 years. Mr C E BAKER (chairman of the Ventnor Conservative Club), Mr S A KOSZELSKI (Ventnor), and Mr Malcolm OSBORNE (Ryde), were unavoidably prevented from attending.


Additional information

Henry Augustus James LININGTON was the second eldest son of Frank LININGTON and Frances SIMS of Wroxall; the eldest son being Charles Edmund LININGTON - my great-grandfather. Henry was born on 12 Oct 1861 in Alderney, Channel Islands, during the time when his father (along with many other masons from the IOW & the mainland) was working there in fortifying the islands against attack by Napoleon.

On 17 May 1870, Henry was admitted to the Church of England National School at Ventnor. At that time, the family was living at No 1 Brookside Cottages, Wroxall. During his teens, Henry followed in his father's footsteps in the building trade and, probably, assisted in building the family homes called Lucknow and Jasper Villa along the High Street at Wroxall..

Henry married Amelia Elizabeth BARTON from Shalfleet in 1887 at Newchurch, IOW. There were no known children from this marriage. Ameilia (aka Millie) died on 20 Sep 1934.

In an 1899 Directory, Henry is listed as a builder & contractor and also manager of the Wroxall Water Works.

Henry died on Sunday, 22 Feb 1942 and was buried on Thursday, 26 Feb in plot B801 at Wroxall Cemetery adjacent to his wife and other family members.

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Capt Henry (X) with the IOW Rifles

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Another photo of Henry (X) with the IOW Rifles

Henry & Millie with Holdaways Quarr Abbey

L to R, Bert Holdaway, Millie, Mrs Holdaway & Henry

Quarr Abbey

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Henry and Millie Linington

Election Manifesto

Henry and Millie Linington c1900

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Capt Henry's Election Manifesto, February 1904

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Quarr Abbey Dinner Function
Capt Henry at Quarr Abbey Employees Dinner,1908


Capt Henry at a function in Wroxall c1930


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Capt Henry (centre front) with a group of unknowns
possibly from Ventnor c1933
The same occasion, but with hats removed !
Example Invoice
Example of Henry Linington's Invoice Form


Hambrough Challenge Cup Rifle Shooting Competition

As reported in the I.W. County Press, 30 April 1887

The first of the monthly competitions for Mrs Hambrough's challenge cup and detachment silver spoon came off last week in beautiful weather, and resulted in an easy win for Sergt H Linington with a score of 80 points, less seven for previous wins. The names and scores are as follows:


200 yds 500 yds 600 yds H/cap Total
Sergt H Linington 29 30 21   7 73
Sergt T Taylor 24 24 23   3 68
Lieut A E Jolliffe 29 26 19 11 63
Sergt-In W Longmuir 29 17 15   3 58
Corp W T Jenkins 17 21 11   0 49
Pte J W Mursen 18 11 12   0 41





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