My Family

My Family Tree

To date, I have not attempted to present details of my family tree on this website as it could be too complex and of limited interest to the casual reader. Instead, I prefer to concentrate on presenting items of information which may have a wider appeal and which could be of interest to other researchers. Indeed, much of this information would not appear in my family tree as it relates to non-family members.

However, it is sufficient to state briefly that most of my roots have been traced back to the Isle of Wight with some 'new blood' coming from Hampshire, Dorset and the Channel Islands along the way. A full list of the surnames appearing in my direct ancestor line can be found under My Names. Of course, if anyone suspects they may have a connection with any of my names, I would be pleased to share the details of my tree with them.


Marriage Witnesses, Obituaries and Birthdays

During the course of researching my own family's history, I have found references to many other people who were closely associated with my family members but not necessarily directly related to them. These people have appeared as witnesses at family weddings, mourners at funerals or names in birthday books.

Since these names might be of interest to other researchers, they are presented in the following pages Marriage Witnesses, My Obituaries and My Birthdays.

In addition to these pages, don't forget to check out the names on the photos in My Photo Gallery.


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